Irwin Unger

Professor Emeritus of History

Columbia, Ph.D., 1958

Research Interests: 

Radicalism and reform, the 1960s, the Gilded Age, economic history.

Selected Works:

The Guggenheims: A Family History, (with Debi Unger). 2005

The Best of Intentions: The Great Society Programs of Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon. Doubleday. 1995.

Turning Point, 1968, with Debi Unger. Scribners. 1988.

These United States: The Questions of Our Past. Little, Brown. 1978, 1982; Prentice-Hall. 1985.

The Vulnerable Years: The United States, 1896-1917. Dryden. 1977.

The Movement: The American New Left 1959-1973. Harper. 1973.

"The 'New Left' and American History: Some Recent Trends in United States Historiography."

American Historical Review. July 1967.

The Greenback Era. Princeton. 1965.

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Updated on 01/11/2012