Masters in Archives and Public History


Core Faculty

Moran-Hajo, Cathy
Tchen, Jack
Wosh, Peter (Program Director)

Archivists and public historians present and interpret history in a wide variety of dynamic venues, ranging from history museums to digital libraries. For three decades, NYU has prepared students for successful careers as archivists, manuscript curators, documentary editors, oral historians, cultural resource managers, historical interpreters, and new media specialists. The program emphasizes a solid grounding in historical scholarship, intense engagement with new media technologies, and close involvement with New York’s extraordinary archival and public history institutions. Students in the program elect to follow a concentration in either archival management or public history.

As part of their core coursework, students have the opportunity to embark on independent research (capstone projects) using the unique resources of New York City as their public history and archives laboratory. In addition, internships are integrated with coursework, contributing to a professionalized and constructive learning environment.

See the Program page for information on application procedures and requirements, financial aid, advanced certificates in archives and public history, and the dual-degree program with Long Island University. See also the program brochure. For additional information, contact the director of the program, Professor Peter J. Wosh.

Advanced Certificates: Students who already hold M.A. degrees in the humanities or social sciences may attain advanced certificates in either Archives or Public History. The program requires satisfactory completion of 20 points in either concentration. You may find information about federally-mandated Gainful Employment Disclosure here.

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Curriculum Requirements for the Masters


Intro to Archives HIST-GA.1010 or Intro to Public History HIST-GA.1750

4 pt

Advanced Archival Description

HIST-GA.2031 or Approaches to Public History HIST-GA.1757

4 pt

3 electives, 2 of which must be in the concentration

12 pt

Creating Digital History


4 pt

Internship Seminar


4 pt

Research Seminar and Capstone Project


4 pt

Total 32 points